About Susaro

Susaro is an AI company that specialises in intelligent software tools.  We are currently in stealth modebut we are also hiring.

We are looking for up to 6 MacOS/iOS programmers in the Cambridge, UK area.  Knowledge of artificial intelligence is not required, but familiarity with cognitive psychology or neuroscience would be useful.  In addition to generalists with exceptional talent who know their way around the MacOS/iOS frameworks using Objective-C and Swift, we are particularly interested in people with these skills: (1) Core Animation, (2) Programming language theory, especially the inner workings of Swift and Objective-C, (3) Cloud/Systems/Network maintenance.

Please note that remote working is not possible at this time.  And: no recruiters, thank you.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please get in touch using the address: enquiries -at- susaro -dot- com.

About us:

We are designing the world’s most advanced artificial general intelligence systems.

Our approach is a radical departure from conventional AI.   Due to their unusual architecture, the systems we build will have an unprecedented degree of safety built into them.   In fact, we are designing a standard motivation engine that can be incorporated into all types of AI, making it virtually impossible for them to become unfriendly.

The systems we envision will be built with human and planetary welfare in mind, augmenting the health, power and happiness of individuals.  And all of this without making humans redundant.